KNOXVILLE– After the 50th Super Bowl on Sunday, Panthers fans felt like they had been sacked as the Broncos galloped into victory.

Even though Carolina won the coin toss, the first quarter ended at a score of 10-o towards the Broncos.

As the second quarter commenced, a record was beaten as Broncos wide receiver Jordan Norwood had a 61-yard punt return, making it the longest punt return in Super Bowl history.  This helped secure the Broncos even further, going into halftime with a score of 13-7.

After a halftime show by Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce, the game continued as the third quarter ended with a score of 16-7 towards Broncos. The game ended with a score of 24-10 with the Broncos as the victors.

No Super Bowl is complete, though, without some spectacular commercials.  The commercials that generated the most buzz were the Doritos commercials with the ultrasound and Mountain Dew’s puppy/monkey/baby commercials.

No matter who won or lost, the Super Bowl party in the Grill was a wonderful time for all who attended with great food and great fellowship.

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