“The Curious Savage” cast kicks off rehearsals

KNOXVILLE – Thursday night the cast of “The Curious Savage” gathered in Old Main to begin rehearsals for the spring production.

The excitement was palpable as director and senior Jared Randall gathered students Ashton Hooper, Katie Reichart, Josiah Caraway, Josh Bruner, Andrew Grimm, Brooke Boling, Meghan Nelson, Torie Sayers, Elizabeth Anderson, Rebekah Sidwell, and Hunter Long on stage to introduce the play.

The cast sat in a circle and read through the production together, stopping occasionally from laughter.

Randall said, “This is probably the most energetic read-through we’ve ever had.”

“I participated in the Christmas play last year,” said sophomore Katie Reichart. “I’m excited about this play. We’ve read it now and we have a lot of chemistry. It’ll be a challenge, but I think it will be a lot of fun.”

“This is what makes me tick,” director and Creative Arts Council sponsor Tammie Weatherly said. “I love read-throughs because not everyone knows each other and it’s exciting to come together and get to know each other a little bit. I’m especially excited because we have some veterans but we also have several people who are not just new to the Johnson theater but new to theater in general, so that’s really cool.”

“The Curious Savage” is set to debut on April 14.

Stay tuned to the Royal Scribe for more updates as the show’s preparation continues.

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