Johnson couple reminisce on Homecoming week

KNOXVILLE– Many alumni of Johnson University have returned to campus this week for Homecoming 2016 to attend chapel sessions, class reunions, and to reminisce in their time at Johnson.

Jason and Emily Schimke, Johnson alumni, started their Homecoming week off attending Main Session I, with speaker Hugh Halter.

Jason graduated from Johnson University in 2009 with a degree in Youth Ministry and Preaching.

Jason said Johnson gave him a lot of knowledge, where to look to find that knowledge, and how to improve on that knowledge. “It gave me a sense to keep on learning and to keep growing,” Jason said.

Jason and Emily Schimke
Jason and Emily Schimke

While at Johnson, Jason played Floor Hockey. He will be playing in the Student/Alumni Floor Hockey match tonight at 9 p.m. in the Old Gym.

Emily graduated from Johnson University in 2010 with a degree in Teacher Education.

“The Teacher Education Program is amazing,” Emily said. “The field experience that we were in from the very beginning of our freshman year, going to observe in classes, gave us a lot of practical hands-on, real-world-experience right from the beginning.”

She came to Johnson just before President Weedman succeeded Dr. Eubanks.

Emily recalled how personal the Presidents of Johnson were with the students, taking the time to get to know everyones name.

“I remember I did the slip-n-slide behind the White House,” Emily reminisced.

Emily noted that Johnson has grow a lot since she left, with more students and majors now available. “We were here for a college visit with a high schooler this past fall and it was really neat to just see all the different majors that people were in. I think that it is really neat that [Johnson] has been able to expand,” she said.

Emily continued by saying, “[Johnson] is a great place! Homecoming is an amazing time to see how many generations come back. It really is a home here. This place isn’t just for a couple years, this place is for your life.”

Emily’s final words were: “There are resources here that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life, there are people here that you’ll get to know, and that you’ll be forever in contact with.”

Homecoming truly does bring ‘home’ back to many Johnson alumni. This is a great opportunity for students to see and hear about the spiritual leaders Johnson has trained and sent out.

Jason and Emily are just one story of many here at Johnson University.

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