KNOXVILLE– The Student Government Association will be nominating its representatives for the next calendar year Wednesday, March 2.

Student body President, Vice President, and Secretary are elected at a separate time than the class officers.

Nominations for the student body positions will take place at the next SGA meeting on March 2. SGA members will nominate an individual they think could perform the job well.

Each nomination requires a seconded motion to pass. In order to be nominated, the individual has to have served in the SGA for at least a year.

7DDUPYcXIf more than two people are nominated for any one position, the Student Senate will take a vote to narrow it down to two candidates. This is to ensure a majority vote.

Once the candidates have been selected, the student body will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred choice, March 8, during Chapel.

The results of the vote will be announced March 9 in Chapel.

Following that, March 11 will be the date that the new student body President will appoint his cabinet.

This is the second year for this process of student body elections.

Dave Legg, Dean of Students, says, “It is through the SGA that students have a voice, in not just speaking to the administration, but in participating in the things the University does.”

Exclusive interviews with the candidates to follow.

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