JU alumni Graffs return for homecoming

KNOXVILLE – Throughout homecoming week, many alumni returned to their alma matter: Johnson University.

Among these alumni were Bruce and Mary Ann Graff, class of ’77 and ’76, respectively.  The Graffs reflected on the sense of community they felt at Johnson, and discussed friendships that have lasted since they were students.

Mr. Graff said, “Johnson friends are forever, and it’s a bond that we always knew that if we ran into problems, we would just have to say that we were [from] Johnson and there would be help. There’s that Johnson bond.”

Mr. Graff said that when he travels, he knows that if he runs into any kind of trouble, there will always be a Johnson alumni close by willing to help.

“We met here,” Mrs Graff said. “He (Mr. Graff) prepared to be a preacher and he’s been a preacher ever since. [Johnson impacted] our marriage, our vocations, and our friendships.”

Johnson University has created lasting effects for thousands of students over the decades, and it is not something the Graffs will soon forget.

“The most important part of what Johnson has done is the prayer,” Mr. Graff said. “I’ve never seen a network of prayer and support anywhere else. To me, that’s the core.”

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