EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates for Student Government offices were sent questioners and asked to provide information to the Royal Scribe readers. Their responses are listed below.

KNOXVILLE– The Student Goverment Association nominated the candidates for President, Vice President, and Secretary on Wednesday.

The SGA nomination meeting was run by the current senior class Vice President, Stephen Moore.

“Today is the beginning of a new era!” Matt Shears, current student body President, commented before nominations began.

Before nominations could begin, Moore reminded all SGA members of a few rules and requirements for the student body officer elections.


  • Candidates must be nominated and receive a second nomination.
  • If more than two candidates are nominated for one position, the Senate will vote to narrow it down to only two candidates.
  • No formal campaigning is allowed.


  • Can hold no other SGA office
  • Must maintain 2.8 GPA
  • Must have at least 2 semesters in SGA
  • Must be elected by a popular vote from the student body

The 2016 student body candidates include:


Tyler DavisTyler Davis

Major: Media Ministry

Class of 2017

Leadership Experience:

I have been a part of SGA for 2.5 years, serving as both President and Vice President for the Class of 2017. During my time, I have also served on the Spirituality and Engagement Committee as well as the Public Relations Committee. While being in SGA, I helped bring forth the current Open Dorms format. I have taken a different role this year for SGA, as I have coordinated Tuesday SGA announcements in chapel. Along with that, I also help run the Johnson SGA Twitter page. For 3 years, I have been an active member at Seymour Heights Christian Church serving in both worship and youth ministries.

SGA Vision:

I envision SGA representing the students by focusing on uniting the students and forming a better community as seen in Acts 2:42-47. This will be achieved by centering our attention on the spirituality and sociality of the students.

Kaleb Mullins

Kaleb Mullins

Major: Preaching & Church Leadership

Class of 2018

Leadership Experience:

During my freshman year, I served as a member of the Public Relations Committee within SGA.  Last summer, I worked as a Family Life Ministry Intern at First Church of Christ in Grayson, Kentucky. I have served in several different ways this year. During the fall semester, I served as a Sophomore Class Senator, and I currently serve as the Sophomore Class Secretary. Throughout this year, I have been involved with the planning and carrying out of Coffee House events, Letter Stuffing, and I am currently working with the Major Events Committee on Founders Day 2016. I am a member of the SGA Committee to the Gally Commons, and I also serve as a Presidential Ambassador for JU.

SGA Vision:

My vision is to see SGA serve as a cohesive group to build a bigger and better campus community. As President, I would work hard to continue to improve upon the connections between students and administration, led by the efforts of SGA


Vice President

Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor

Major: Elementary Education with English as a Second Language

Class of 2018

Leadership Experience:

I am currently the vice president of the Sophomore class and serve on the Major Events Committee.  Last spring I was on the committee that wrote the first draft of the bylaws for the Judicial Branch. Outside of SGA, I lead a small group at Emerald Youth and am on the Spring Retreat creative team committee.

SGA Vision:

SGA has made an incredible impact in the life of the student body through advocating on their behalf, putting on events that bring everyone together, and countless other behind the scenes projects. My vision for the future of SGA is for it to keep moving forward in the direction that the past leaders have paved for us.

Drew GrimmDrew Grimm

Major: Intercultural Studies with dual concentrations in Islamic studies and ESL

Class of 2018

Leadership Experience

Since the fall of 2014, I have been heavily involved in my class SGA events. I have served as a class senator for one full year and have been involved with several off campus organizations.

SGA Vision

I hope to see SGA persevere in their mission to better serve the student body by bridging the gap between community and spiritual engagement, to stimulate the student body into fellowship through fun activities, worship, and serving our community.



Nicole BrunsmanNicole Brunsman

Major: Elementary Education (K-5 and ESL)

Class of 2017

Leadership Experience:

I am a Senator of the Junior class and serve on the Student Life Committee. I am a student representative for Pioneer. I am also a member of the SGA affiliated Creative Arts Council. I have staged managed for Our Miss Brooks spring 2015 and I am currently serving as Assistant Director for The Curious Savage.

SGA Vision:

My vision for the future of SGA is an association that fosters open and healthy communication between faculty/staff and students for the betterment of our school.



AlyAlyssa Fithianssa Fithian

Major: Sports & Fitness Leadership

Class of 2018

Leadership Experience:

I am currently the sophomore class president. I led a service group for K15 Day at Habitat for Humanity. I have helped with various other SGA events including the Christmas Party where I filled in as Santa Claus.

SGA Vision:
My vision for SGA is to gain a new presence amongst the students. Some students feel like SGA is full of people who act superior to people who are not members and I want to make everyone feel equal. My goal is to bring the opinions and requests of the student body to the table so we can work on them and show the students that they have a say.


Elections will be held Tuesday morning during Chapel. Anyone that is unable to attend Chapel will have the opportunity to vote in the Gally commons foyer throughout the day.

Personal candidate interviews will be posted to the Royal Scribe on Monday.



Posted by Ariel Porter

Ariel is a Senior at Johnson University, studying Media Communications. She is the current Video Editor for the Royal Scribe Staff.

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