SGA election results, new leadership for JUTN

KNOXVILLE-The new leadership has been elected for Johnson University’s SGA with Kaleb Mullins being elected president,  Jordan Taylor  elected vice-president, and Nicole Brunsman elected as secretary. This new team of leadership has been elected but will not take office until April 30 of this year.

This Friday, Mullins will be selecting his new cabinet which leads the different committees within SGA such as major events, student life and spiritual engagement.

Senior Hope Smyth, current Executive Director of Major Events, said, “I am fully confident in the options the new president has in appointing his cabinet members. The current SGA has many eligible leaders that, if appointed, would make great cabinet members.”

Many current leaders and cabinet members are seniors, and Mullins will be introducing a new wave of leadership within SGA.

Smyth also said, “SGA will continue to grow and be successful under this new leadership.” Many other seniors follow in Smyth’s thinking.  Mullins is excited for a new era in leadership.

Kaleb MullinsPresident-Elect Mullins said, “What I am looking forward to accomplishing the most is bringing people together. I am working toward making that our focus, reaching out to all, even the people that feel as if they don’t have a say in the way things go. One of the  first things I want to do is gather the student body together for an open floor discussion and making their voices heard.”

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