KNOXVILLE– The Chick-fil-A on Chapman Highway is hosting a spirit night for Jeannie Hood on March 14 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to come and support Jeannie as she raises money to participate in the Ends of the Earth Cycling trip.


Jeannie’s cost to participate in the Ends of the Earth trip is $300. If you would like to support Jeannie, come to Chick-fil-A and mention that you are there for Jeannie’s cause. Ten percent of the sales will be donated to her.

The Tennessee Bike Ride is a five day, 260/300 mile journey through Tennessee. Participants go on this trip with a goal to learn about the cause, raise awareness, experience biblical community, and pray for Youth Hope, which is an organization about helping global youth workers around the world. Participants are seeking to transform the lives of youth in Myanmar.

In addition to cycling, participants will be a part of praying for the youth in the world while developing relationships with others on the cycling teams. Participants will be challenged and strengthened throughout the trip

This cycling trip is a chance to be molded by God and to build intentional relationships locally and globally. Ends of the Earth Cycling gives people an opportunity to use bicycles to glorify God in a new way.

Ends of the Earth Cycling is a ministry of a mission-sending agency called New Mission Systems International. Ends of the Earth Cycling started in 2011 when Aaron Arnold shared his vision with Justin Hanneken.

This event started as a 300 mile cycling and running journey from Fort Myers, FL to Key West, FL. It now remains an annual event that brings together like-minded Christians to intentionally raise funds and awareness for global youth ministry.

Johnson students and faculty are encouraged to come support Jeannie Hood in completing the Ends of the Earth  Cycling journey while enjoying some Chick-fil-A as well.



Posted by Chastedy Johnson

Chastedy Johnson is a journalism student at Johnson University. She has some experience in linear, non-linear, and live video editing. She is from Memphis,TN. She has always found journalism to be an interesting field and hopes to have a positive impact on the media industry. She is currently the senior editor of the Royal Scribe. contact information:

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