Mullins takes first presidential act in electing new cabinet

KNOXVILLE — Kaleb Mullins, new student body President, has appointed his cabinet officials.

Eighteen senate members were required to be in attendance to finalize the decision.

Mullins choice of cabinet executives included:

  • Executive Director of Public Relations  —Avery Gengelbach (Freshman)
  • Executive Director of Spirituality & Engagement — Justin Sutherland (Sophomore)
  • Executive Director of Major Events — Lexi Overcash (Sophomore)
  • Executive Director of Social Activities —Jordan Hess (Freshman)
  • Executive Director of Student Life — Nick Raugust (Junior)
  • Executive Treasurer — Nathan Zeller (Junior)

All nominees passed the senate vote and will become active in their positions starting in the Fall semester of 2016.

All cabin members are responsible to ensure the implementation of their committees responsibilities, give committee reports to the Student Senate as deemed necessary, communicate on a regular basis with the SGA Executive Branch, and create councils or boards as deemed necessary. In addition, each member has specific duties associated with their position.

In his role as Executive Director of Public Relations, Gengelbach is responsible to maintain communication with the Graphics Department, Dean of Chapel, Media Services, the Print Shop, and the Royal Scribe.

In his role as Executive Director of Spirituality & Engagement, Sutherland is responsible to select and oversee leaders for each event the committee is responsible for and gather financial and public relation needs from each event leader and communicate those to respective directors in a timely manner.

In her role as Executive Director of Major Events, Overcash is responsible to effectively organize meetings and events and maintain communication with key event personnel.

In her role as Executive Director of Social Activities, Hess is responsible to oversee the calendar of social events, organize event planning, attend social events, and monitor behavioral conduct of social events.

In his role as Executive Director of Student Life, August is responsible to select and oversee leaders for each event the committee is responsible for and review submitted student concerns on a monthly basis and communicate concerns deemed important to the Executive Council.

In his role as Executive Treasurer, Zeller is responsible to oversee and lead the Internal Management Committee, advise SGA regarding financial matters, maintain an astute knowledge of the SGA Constitution, and ensure SGA operates within the rules and regulations set forth within the Constitution.

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