New Creation prepares for “Loved” tour

KISSIMMEE – This past Saturday and Sunday, the New Creation tour choir sang at Fairway Christian Church in the Villages.

During this performance, the group performed songs from Part One of their choral concert.

Part One songs of New Creation tours consists of choral numbers, while Part Two of the performance is a contemporary performance featuring original material by members of the group.

The group practices in the music wing every week, and has been working on the contemporary Part Two performance pieces.

The original material is comprised of original songs, spoken word, and skits.

The six original songs that were written for the tour were recorded last year and will be on sale during the tour, and online here.

The theme of this year’s tour is “Loved.”

Junior and New Creation member Kayla Hardin said, “Our message throughout this tour will remind us that we are not defined by who we think we are, or by what other people tell us we are. Rather, we are forgiven and reconciled through the sacrifice given through Jesus Christ.”

The group is singing at four different congregations during the Johnson University spring break.

Hardin continued, saying, “We hope that those who experience this program will be encouraged and reminded that they are not defined by their sin, but by their identity as children of the one true King.”

This year, the New Creation choir will be featuring a song from the musical Rent which will also be performed at the spring concert on April 29 and 30.

If you are interested in seeing New Creation perform, their tour dates and locations are included below.


Sunday, March 20 at Englewood Christian Church in Jacksonville, FL

Monday, March 21 at Southwest Christian Church in Ocala, FL

Tuesday, March 22 at First Christian Church in Titusville, FL

Wednesday, March 23 at Creekside Christian Church in St. Johns, FL

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