Saylors take leap of faith to bring Grayson home from China

KNOXVILLE – The Saylor family is on a mission to raise funds for the adoption of their second child from China. They have high hopes that enough funds will be raised to bring Grayson Pu Jin Min Saylor home from China.

The total expense of the adoption is about $30,000, but they are currently working towards a goal of raising $3,500 that will be matched by LifeSong for Orphans and turned into $7,000.

Adopting another child from China has always been something that the Saylor family has dreamed of doing, but they assumed they could never afford it again after adopting their son Elijah Minkai, Kai Saylor, from China and then their daughter Juniper Saylor.

The Saylor family.

Their mindsets changed when they received a call in December that the agency still had them on the list. The call was about a six-month-old little boy from Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of the Henan province, located in central China. The agency told the Saylor family that Pu Jin Min has special needs and needed to be placed in a family.

Nicole Saylor mentioned that their son, Kai Saylor, had a major part in the motivation of adopting again. It was evident that the adoption of Grayson was something that meant a lot to him. He even mentioned that he would be upset if the family did not take him back to visit the orphanage that he came from.

“When we got the phone call I was listening to the message and my son from the back of our minivan said ‘Is that about my brother?’ We hadn’t talked about adoption or said anything,” Mrs. Saylor said. “Then when we started to talk about it, Kai would say ‘I’ll pay for it and I’ll do all the paperwork.’”

It is also important to the Saylor family that Kai has a sibling that he can identify with regarding race and the orphanage experience. Adopting Grayson is their way of intentionally adding a child that Kai can relate to.

The Saylor family.

“We assumed that all of our children would be trans-racial to us, but we knew when our daughter came into our family that we needed to be intentional about adding a third child that would have some type of shared experience in regard to their race,” she said.

Kai also made a serious request to visit the orphanage he came from while he was in China before the family goes to get Grayson.

“I want to go visit my orphanage where I was and if we don’t I will be very mad at you and daddy and then we can go get Grayson,” he said. His level of seriousness and seeing how the adoption is impacting his identity was evidence of God’s work in his life for the Saylors.

The hardest part about the whole adoption process is the emotional attachment that is already present between Grayson and the Saylor family.

Grayson Jin Saylor.

“There is the emotion of now that we are matched and knowing that there is a child who very much in your heart is your child,” she said. “Yet legally they are not your child and it will be many months before you get to hold them in your arms or make decisions for them.”

As of now, Grayson is locked in the system and no one else can adopt him. The Saylors are now at the stage where their application for immigration approval is waiting on their fingerprint appointment.

The Saylor family is in high hopes that Grayson will be joining their family by the end of the summer. They see God working through all of the prayers, encouragement, and donations given by friends and family. The adoption was something the Saylors thought they could not afford but now it is turning into more of a reality through all of the support.

“God has provided financially – there have been complete strangers that have made large donations to support us to complete this adoption,” Mrs. Saylor said.

If you would like to help the Saylor family move forward to add Grayson to the Saylor family, you can donate through the website by clicking here or you may send a check payable to Lifesong for Orphans. Checks can be mailed to Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40, Gridley, IL 61744. In the memo line please write Saylor 5883, to ensure it is credited to their account. 100% of your donation will go directly to the adoption.

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