Students learn swing dancing

KNOXVILLE – Every Sunday at 9 p.m. in Richardson Hall, something unheard of on the Johnson campus swings into action.

Rob Purcah, junior, leads and teaches students the art of swing dancing.

Swing dancing was birthed in the 1920’s with the name Lindy Hop. Because swing dancing is not any one type of dance, but a combination of dances, many different styles have been created over the years.


Purcah started teaching swing dancing because it was something he enjoyed in a ministry at Iowa State and felt the students at Johnson would enjoy as well.

Johnson University’s “No Dancing” policy is not in violation with this gathering.

The “No Dancing” policy at Johnson is for clubs, organizations, and sponsored dances. The swing dancing Purcah offers is not through a club, but instead is just friends coming together to learn swing dancing in a very laid back format.

“Swing dancing is a classical form of dancing,” Purcah said.

The type of swing Purcah teaches is primarily East Coast swing with variations of West Coast swing.

Purcah’s hope is that the “No Dancing” rule on club sponsored dancing will one day be lifted. This would allow for the reservation of a gym for the gathering, giving the participants more room to learn and practice the swing moves.

All students are welcome to come and learn. It is both a work out and socialization opportunity.

The dress code is the same as Johnson’s, but keep in mind the possibility of quick spins and flips.

To get connected to the group you can join their Facebook page.


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