Tech week begins for “The Curious Savage”

KNOXVILLE – On Monday, April 11 the cast of “The Curious Savage” gathered in Old Main to begin a week of dress rehearsals leading up to Thursday’s opening night.

The cast gathers on stage before rehearsal.

The cast waited in 1950’s attire while finishing touches were put on the set.

“I think it’s really coming along,” senior Ashton Hooper said. “I’m excited to nail in the last few things tonight – I think it is going to be awesome by Thursday.”

Assistant Director Nicole Brunsman said, “I just hope that this run-through reassures our already high hopes of what this play is going to be. This cast has worked phenomenally hard and I think tech week and our performances are going to prove that.”

Set Director Stephen Moore opened the rehearsal in prayer, after which the students gathered on stage to receive notes from Director Jared Randall, senior, before beginning an energetic run-through.

Cast members Brooke Boling, Hunter Long, and Drew Grimm ran upstairs between acts to perform a quick change. Both mentioned that they, along with many of their castmates, have family traveling to see their performances.

Director Tammy Weatherly shared in the cast’s enthusiasm, but also noted the difficulty of perfecting the production.

Director Jared Randall gives the cast notes.

“This is probably the most challenging thing we’ve done since I’ve been here, but they are doing a great job. I mean we have no real backstage so they have to be flexible and every show they’ve made it work,” Weatherly said. “The difference in this show is that it’s fun but it also has a great message and we’re excited to share that.”

Randall’s assessment of the night summed up the feelings of the cast and set the tone for the performances to come: “I’m having the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

“The Curious Savage” will debut this Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Old Main Building. Students and faculty can get tickets for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances in the Gally Commons lobby during lunch and dinner hours this week.

Stay tuned to the Royal Scribe for an update on the show’s opening night.


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