Ashley Davis as the new women’s basketball coach at JUTN

KNOXVILLE– Johnson University announced Ashley Davis as the new Royals women’s basketball coach for the fall semester. She will continue serving as the director of the Early Childhood Learning Center on the TN campus, but she will no longer be the supervisor for student teachers. She currently serves alongside her husband, Weldon Davis, as dorm parents for Brown Hall.

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Coach Karnes notified Ken Underwood that he would be retiring, so Davis came to mind as a possible candidate for the position due to her previous basketball and coaching experience.

She played basketball in high school and during her undergraduate years at Johnson from 1999-2003. In addition to teaching full time, she was a church youth sponsor and a youth basketball coach.

Davis has a hope that the team will use the lessons they learn on the court as lessons for other areas in life.

“My first goal is to put together a team that is united with one goal and one vision to use basketball as a way to glorify God and as a discipline to prepare them for other things in life,” she said.

She also believes that there is value in the teamwork skills the players learn while being involved in athletics.

“I think students that participate in team sports definitely have an advantage in the work place because they learn what it means to be on a team and they learn to work with others,” she said. “You experience victories and you also experience setbacks and failures and that prepares you for those situations in life.”

Davis is planning on bringing an up-tempo practice where the team will work on developing skills, conditioning their bodies, and working on agility and core strengthening.

“I am excited about working with a group of young women who are passionate about pursuing some sort of strategic ministry and who also have a love and appreciation for sports,” she said. “I believe you play because it in itself could be a form of worship just to thank God that you have a body that can do these amazing things.”

For more information on the Royals and other Johnson University athletics, visit the Johnson University athletic Sports page.

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