JU partners with KIBI for ExtendEd program in Knoxville

Joe B. Maddox speaks about having the first Johnson ExtendEd scholarship named in his honor.
Joe B. Maddox speaks about having the first Johnson ExtendEd scholarship named in his honor.

KNOXVILLE — On Thursday evening at The Regas Building in downtown Knoxville, representatives from Johnson University and Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute gathered together to celebrate the new partnership between Johnson and KIBI.

The partnership was established to ignite the new ExtendEd venture, which is a program that offers accredited ministry and leadership degree opportunities in several cities across the country.

Through this ExtendEd program, Johnson and KIBI will work together to provide Bible and ministry training for Christian leaders. Knoxville is one of the four cities that is hosting Johnson University’s ExtendEd program.

The purpose of Johnson joining together with KIBI is to continually partner with organizations in Knoxville and beyond to provide educational openings for people wanting to make an impact in the world in the name of Christ.

Through the ExtendEd brand, Johnson University will be able to provide Christian education chances to a wider variety of students within the community of Knoxville.

“The launch of Johnson University ExtendEd allows the University to extend its reach, making educational opportunities available to more people through innovative partnerships and technology,” Gary Weedman, President of Johnson University, said. In addition our partnership with Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute here at The Regas Building, we are preparing with churches in Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; and Phoenix, AZ to offer degree programs that prepare students for meaningful impact on the world in the name of Christ.”

Speakers for the event on Thursday evening included Gary Weedman, Daniel Overdorf, Chris Battle, Joe B. Maddox, and Kenny Woodhull.

Joe B. Maddox is the founder and community leader for KIBI. He founded KIBI in 2001. His vision for KIBI was, and continues to be, quite extraordinary.

“I started Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute because I wanted to equip leaders in the church, especially the African-American church, with biblical knowledge and the skills to pastor others. This partnership with Johnson University builds that purpose. The accreditation, reputation, and degree-granting ability of Johnson University will strengthen our program and reward participating faith leaders for the time they are investing in themselves and others,” Maddox said.

KIBI is a degree-granting faith and leadership development program for adults. Knowing the good leadership and education is vital in the church, KIBI offers full-time and part-time programs of study for ministers, lay leaders, and bi-professional leaders.

By combining the best of accepted learning theories, KIBI creates its curricula off of learning styles such as cognitive, affective, and conative learning activities.

Daniel Overdorf, the Dean of the School of Congregational Ministries at Johnson University, has been anticipating this partnership for quite some time.

“Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute has an impressive legacy of equipping faith leaders on our community with biblical and pastoral training,” Overdorf said. “Johnson University is excited to partner with KIBI to extend its reach and enable current and future students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in either Ministry Leadership or Pastoral Care & Counseling,”

Students will benefit from the ExtendEd program with an engaged faculty that is passionate about each student’s success.

Beginning in August of 2016, The Regas Building will be holding classes through Johnson University’s ExtendEd program. These small, faith-based programs will provide meaningful learning opportunities and flexible delivery methods combining online and on-site classes with hands-on experiences in churches and other organizations.

Along with the celebration of JU and KIBI’s partnership, the event was also set to announce the new Joe B. Maddox Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is presented in Maddox’s name, and will be given to an ExtendEd student who is focused on missions and ministry.

In addition to the celebration event that was held Thursday evening, there will also be a meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. April 26, at The Regas Building. This meeting will be used as an opportunity to discuss how students can transition from their KIBI program to a degree offered by the new KIBI/JU partnership in either Ministry Leadership or Pastoral Care & Counseling. Representatives from Johnson’s academic, admissions, and financial aid offices will be available to answer questions.

For more information on Johnson’s ExtendEd program, please contact Daniel Overdorf at DOverdorf@JohnsonU.edu.

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