Classes compete in Founders Day Ultimate Tournament

KNOXVILLE– At noon on Founders Day, freshmen and senior students gathered on the athletic field to compete in the first of three Ultimate games played between the classes.

Senior and freshmen students pray before their first game

The first game, won by the seniors with a final score of 11-6, was attended by dozens of students and faculty who also enjoyed the lemon “shake-ups” and fried Oreo’s provided by the SGA in the sports pavilion.

Jackson Moser and Jaden Bratton provided commentary on the games.

Tug-of-War was played between the classes during the halftime of each game.

Directly after the first game, the sophomore team won against the juniors, with a final score of 8-6.

Johnson Ultimate captain and senior Jack Downer spoke on the event.

Zach Hume plays for the sophomores in their game against the junior class

“It’s fun to blend club players with people who play other sports or who don’t play any sports. Everyone played really well, even those without much experience in Ultimate. The atmosphere was competitive, but really just a lot of fun. I think that’s due in large part to Hope Smyth and the SGA,” Downer said.

The final game between the seniors and sophomores was played as the closing competition event between the classes. The seniors won with a final score of 9-6, and they also went on to win the coveted Holstein Herd Award.


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