JUFL student starts drive to gather relief supplies for Ecuador 

KISSIMMEE – This past week, Ecuador suffered massive earthquakes and the aftershocks have been devastating.

Last year, sophomore Devin Knight spent his entire summer serving in Ecuador. He has now organized a drive to raise disaster relief supplies.

Knight said, “We are looking for Band-aids, vitamins, blankets and toothbrushes.”

Students will have until this week’s Coffee Shop, April 28, to bring supplies to the Student Life Office.

“If each room could just donate one case of water, that would be such a huge help,” Knight said.

Knight was able to use his previous connections to partner with two other groups traveling to Ecuador between now and his next trip on June 1. Between these three trips, the relief supplies will be delivered to aid the people of Ecuador.

This push for students to donate and aid fellow believers in Ecuador came after Caleb Elkin’s Coffee Shop sermon about loving one another.

“We are already doing such a great job at loving each other as family, but there is also some way to do more,” said Elkins.

Knight sold bracelets last year with the phrase “Refuse to Do Nothing” on them while he was fundraising.

Knight said, “I kept thinking back to the phrase written on all these bracelets. I needed to help these people.”

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