Royal Scribe staff looking for new reporters

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.38 AMThe Johnson University Royal Scribe staff is kicking off their third year of covering news and information of interest to the JU community.

Reporting for the Royal Scribe is open to any student on any Johnson campus.

The Scribe staff meets at 7 p.m. Thursdays in the RPC conference room, room 68. New and returning students who have an interest in reporting for the Royal Scribe are encouraged to attend tonight’s meeting.

“Reporting for the Royal Scribe is a great way to be involved in campus life at Johnson,” Matthew Broaddus, the Royal Scribe faculty advisor, said. “Plus, it is a great way to build your resume no mater what field you are studying.”

Broaddus said the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills college graduates should have.

“Our reporters learn to to collect information and present it in a logical format,” he said. “That is an important skill for everyone.”

The Royal Scribe platform allows students to do reports in text, video, audio, with pictures, and other multi media formats.

About 20 students contributed to the Royal Scribe last year, and many of them are returning.

JU Sophomore Abbey Whitaker is the returning managing editor for the Scribe, while Regan McSherry moves from staff reporter to senior editor.

“I find myself constantly wanting to share with people all the great and exciting things happening around Johnson,” Whitaker said. “And the Scribe is the perfect outlet for that. The Scribe has taught me much discipline and patience throughout the semesters working on it.”

Whitaker runs much of the day-to-day activity for the Scribe, while McSherry is taking the lead on publicity, recruitment and helping with other editorial duties.

“As a senior at Johnson, I’ve come to appreciate the sense of responsibility and pride in keeping students, faculty, staff and alumni updated about news that affects our school,” McSherry said. “Real journalistic experience doesn’t just look good on a resume, its rewarding for many people.”

The Royal Scribe was launched as an opportunity for Johnson students from any major to be part of documenting campus life.

“We provide an opportunity for the world to see Johnson through the eyes of our students,” Broaddus said. “And, we do reach the world.”

Broaddus said fall 2015 readership for the Scribe included 11,102 unique page views, consisting of 4,021 unique visitors from 52 countries. Readership has continued to grow this year with 14,675 views, 7,687 visitors and readers in 93 countries.

“It amazes me we have people consistently reading our student news publication in Brazil, Russia, China, and so many other countries,” Broaddus said. “Students who report for the Scribe have a tremendous opportunity to let the world know the great things happening at Johnson University.”

Anyone can follow the Royal Scribe via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

News updates are also sent periodically through the week from Please block that address from your e-mail if you do not wish to receive the news updates.

The Royal Scribe also has an office located in EAC room 465.

For more information about tonight’s meeting, to ask questions about the Royal Scribe, or to suggest a story idea, please email

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