JUTN hosting Creative Writing Symposium

KNOXVILLE – Saturday, September 17th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Johnson University is hosting a Creative Writing Symposium featuring award winning author and songwriter Andrew Peterson.

The symposium will address a wide range of topics including creative writing, imagination, poetry, story-telling, art, and more.

Peterson, founder of The Rabbit Room, a Christian creative community encouraging artists in Nashville, Tennessee, is currently working with Netflix to develop his Wingfeather Saga as an animated series.


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Andrew Peterson’s recently released album will be featured at the concert

In addition to leading the Symposium, Peterson is performing a concert at The Square Room in downtown Knoxville on September 16th at 8 p.m.

The concert will feature Peterson’s album The Burning Edge of Dawn (2015).

Bill Wolf, Dean of Chapel at Johnson University, spoke of his expectations for the event.

“I think the Symposium on Saturday will take the direction of the people who show up. The intersection of the arts and theology … are applicable no matter what your creative area is.”

Tickets for the Symposium, concert, and lunch on Saturday are being offered for $30 to Johnson students.

However, Wolf is offering a special sponsorship to students who show particular interest in the arts and promise in writing.

The sponsorship covers half the cost of the student’s ticket to the event.

“There’s just a certain type of people who connect with that approach to art and to theology,” Wolf said. “This is more introspective, you’ve got to dig in a little bit and invest a little bit and not everybody is willing to do that. But I think those that are can be fed in amazing ways.”

Wolf spoke of what he hoped students would glean from the experience.

“That they can write about real things. They can write about themselves, they can write about the dark places. They can write something that is not explicitly Christian but that can still be theologically significant because it is art that is true, and beautiful, and good,” he said. “I would love for students … to feel encouraged and supported and go ‘wow, this is possible.'”

Tickets for this event are limited, students interested in attending should contact Bill Wolf at wwolf@johnsonu.edu

To learn more information about general admission tickets or to get directions visit the event Facebook page.

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