JUTN Royals face minor setback against Pensacola Eagles

KNOXVILLE – On Saturday the Johnson Royals men’s soccer team faced the Pensacola Eagles at 3 p.m.

The Royals kicked off their season on a winning streak but the game did not go in their favor on Saturday.

The game started with an hour delay due to the absence of referees. Despite the late start, the Royals still brought some much-needed energy to the field.

Both teams maintained their energy and did not let the delay take away from their focus. Before the game kicked off, head coach, Spenser Proctor, made a few comments to the team in regards to the delay.

“Don’t lose your mental sharpness,” he said. “This is just another test of focus, we need to keep our focus and our drive.”

Royals have control over ball.

In the first half, both the Royals and the Eagles battled for the first goal of the afternoon.Within 11 minutes, the Eagles were the first to score.

The Royals were not quick to lose their drive. One player in particular, Jared Hixon,  put forward a lot of effort in getting the Royals on the scoreboard.

Royals are determined to get the ball.

At the 5:03 mark in the first half, the Eagles scored again after the last attempted goal was called as an offside.

Towards the end of the first half, the Royals had a decrease in energy but their character and attitude remained positive.

The Eagles scored again at the 3:50 mark making the score 0-3. Following a 10 minute break, the Royals entered the second half with renewed energy. At the 11:69 mark, Isaac Jordan, scored the first goal for the Royals making the score 1-5.

Shortly after,the Eagles scored again leaving the score 1-6. With 49 seconds left in the second half, the Eagles made one final goal.

The game ended with the Royals losing 1-7. Both teams ended the game in prayer. Proctor had some ending remarks about the team’s performance.

The Royals and Eagles end in prayer.

“When you are in defeat, I expect you to have some pride in your game,” he said. “You kept your composure and your character and I appreciate it. Continue to move and continue to work…this is game three out of many.”

The next home game will be held on Sept.10 at noon against Appalachian Bible College.



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