JUTN to host 6th Annual Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University will host a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party on Sunday, Sep 18th 2016 4-6 P.M at the Galley Commons private dining rooms 2 and 3 to provide intercultural awareness and fellowship.

A flyer for the tea party

At the 6th annual Mid-autumn festival, Duan Hua, Director of International Relations, hopes the tea party will serve as “a good opportunity for the University community and the local church communities to foster cross-cultural understanding, to share fellowship, and to deepen friendship.”

Hua described the history of the festival.

“It is the second most important traditional festival in Chinese culture. It is a time for families to get together in China, the traditional food is mooncake. It falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month,” she said. “According to the observation of the ancient people, the moon on the 15th day of the eighth month is believed to be the fullest and brightest in the year. In agricultural society, the eighth lunar month is also the fall harvest time. After months’ toil and hard work in the fields, people gather together to thank heavenly God for the rich blessings and celebrate the harvest with families and neighbors. This tradition can be dated back to the Shang Dynasty in 16-10th B.C.E.. Sometimes people compare Mid-Autumn Festival to Thanksgiving Day in North America. Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated not only in Chinese communities, but also in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.”

Hua further described the festival’s meaning, saying that it can “express our corporate gratitude to the heavenly God for all his blessings upon us, to our parents and families who have molded us strong and faithful with their unconditional love and support, to friends who have cared about us with a helping hand anytime we are in need, and to the people around us who simply define the concept of a community by their presence and the small kind deeds.”

Green tea, flower tea, black tea, buckwheat tea, Chinese moon cakes, snacks and seasonal fruits will be served. RSVP by emailing Duan Hua at dhua@johnsonu.edu.

Feature image photographer: Shawn Millsaps

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