JUTN welcomes Rachel Nawrocki

KNOXVILLE – This semester JUTN welcomed Rachel Nawrocki as the Director of Business Administration and Nonprofit Administration.

Nawrocki is also an Assistant Professor in Leadership Studies within the School of Business and Public Leadership as well as a PhD candidate in Leadership Studies at Johnson University.

Nawrocki, who graduated from Warner University (formerly Warner Southern College) with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and a Master of Science in Management, initially gained experience in nonprofit organization through working as the CEO of the nonprofit organization Samaritan’s Touch Care Center in Sebring, Florida. Samaritan’s Touch Care Center works to provide indigent healthcare services to those at or below 200% of the poverty level.

Rachel Nawrocki and Johnson Graduate Jeryn Evers Talley

Nawrocki, who played an instrumental role in launching the Business Administration degree at Johnson University Florida, spoke of the events that led her to joining the JUTN faculty.

“I was asked by Dr. Alicia Crumpton to be a part of the design team to … build the School of Business,” she said. “I just believed so much in Johnson and just the heart of who we are as a University that I so wanted to be involved in this design committee.”

Dr. Alicia Crumpton, Ph.D. Program Director and Professor of Leadership Studies at JUTN, spoke about her reasoning behind the decision to reach out to Nawrocki.

“When it was decided to launch the new BA/BS in Business Administration on our JUFL campus, we had zero reputation relative to business education and a short timeline for recruiting new students.  As I strategized how best to accomplish the task, I knew I needed someone who embraced our ethos and passion for student care combined with superior networking and public relation skills. I thought of Rachel immediately,” said Crumpton. “She embodies our ethos and ethic of care for students and excellence in all things.  Rachel is a natural connector and ambassador for JU’s mission and for the SOBPL academic programs. Our successful launch of the BA/BS in Business Administration program in Florida is a testament to her hard work.”

The Nawrocki family: Damian, 13, Zbigniew, Kylie, 8, Rachel, and Lissy, 11. 

In regard to the School of Business & Public Leadership, Nawrocki has high hopes for the impact  undergraduate, graduate, and PhD opportunities will continue to afford to Johnson students.

“I think it’s important to really spread the message of Christ-centered business and nonprofit. A lot of people view business and the business sector as completely separate from ministry and Christian calling and so on and that is just absolutely not the case. You have people who we’re equipping and preparing for life to go in and lead organizations and manage people and within their sphere of influence make an incredible impact on this world eternally,” Nawrocki said. “I think what’s exciting about this is that we’re not just another business school, there is differentiation in that it is Kingdom work.”

Apart from academia, Nawrocki and her husband, Zbigniew, have three children and enjoy traveling, competing in triathlons and races, coaching soccer, and anything involving the outdoors.

Nawrocki is also passionate about making an impact in the local community through  involvement in Board membership, missions, anti-trafficking efforts, youth and children’s ministry, domestic violence rehabilitation, and indigent care.


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