Royals Wellness: New name, new price, new you – Signup deadline Friday

KNOXVILLE – Anywhere between three and six times a year I undertake the same futile effort: become a gym junkie. I enthusiastically attend the first day of my masochistic regime only to find that I am no where near the shape I was during my heyday in high school athletics. Second day participation is entirely contingent upon how badly I damaged myself on day one and whether I have ibuprofen readily available. From there, it doesn’t get any better and ultimately ends in surrender and Netflix bingeing. If you can relate to this sad tale, you are doing it all wrong. Luckily, Johnson University has a program to help.

The Royals Wellness program isn’t new, but it has changed a bit. Foremost, the price for one semester is now only $20 to participate. That $20 fee will give you access to all of the Royals Wellness classes in zumba, yoga, crossfit and weight training.

Debora Hudnall, certified zumba instructor, mentioned the overall goal of the program.

“Our major goal of this program is to help people become intrinsically motivated to become well,”Hudnall said.

Often when we undertake a major change in life, what we lack is not commitment. Rather, we are usually at a deficit of opportunity, experience, and support. Royals Wellness offers:

  • Opportunity – $20 is a bargain for a gym program
  • Experience – all instructors are certified
  • Support – a community of people aiming at holistic wellness – class sizes range 15-25

The sign-up for Royals Wellness is only until Friday. Make your way to the Health Services office before time is up for this amazing opportunity to revitalize your physical health and perhaps even become a gym junkie.

For questions about Royals Wellness or more information, contact Dr. Trevor Egli at

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