Missions emphasis week concludes in call to action

KNOXVILLE – Harvesters’ Missions Emphasis week concluded with a call to worship, cross cultural scripture readings and a message from Troy Jackson, executive director at the AMOS Project.

This year, Missions Emphasis Week challenged students and faculty to fully engage in global missions, and placed specific emphasis on the looming refugee crises.

 On the first day of MEW, Jackson talked about the danger of dehumanization and the instinct we have to deny the truth that we are all created in the image of God.

“We live in a world that constantly dehumanizes,” Jackson said. “The other becomes less than human. . .we often dehumanize those we don’t understand.”

The “other” Jackson referred to are cultures and people groups whose customs, beliefs and practices we may not understand.

On the final day of MEW, Jackson spoke about the importance of fully engaging in the public arena and suggested what he believes Jesus calls the church to do in regards to the refugee crisis.

“Jesus is calling for a church…, for a people with extravagant embrace and full access for the poor, the marginalized, the immigrant and the refugee,” he said. “One of the ways that happens is through full engagement in the public arena and not by abdicating responsibility or being content to hide in our caves.”

Jackson concluded MEW with a call to action by proposing a challenge to do more than just talk about justice.

His challenge for Christians is to love the marginalized and actively seek justice in our world just as Jesus did.

Students interested in joining Harvesters or learning more about their involvement in missions can contact Brent Brewer at BBrewer@johnsonu.edu or Nathan Long at nathan.long@johnsonu.edu.





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