K-16: Christian Student Fellowship

KNOXVILLE – The Christian Student Fellowship invited Johnson University students to volunteer at the ministry for Service Learning on September 28, 2016, allowing volunteers to learn about and aid the ministry’s campus outreach efforts.

Patrick Willis, Campus Minister of Community and Worship at Christian Student Fellowship, explained that the ministry “exists to be a presence on the [University of Tennessee] campus for Jesus in the middle of a community of people who probably don’t know him. What we do is provide an opportunity for people to ask questions that they have always wanted to ask but have maybe been intimidated by going to a church building.”

“We would consider our job a success if by the end of the day anybody that we encountered is one step closer to Jesus than when they started the day,” Willis said.

Willis related that the Christian Student Fellowship frequently needs volunteers for childcare, worship music, service projects, campus outreach.

Visit utcsf.com for more information, or contact Patrick Willis by phone at 336-816-4698 or by email at Patrick@utcsf.com

Find UTCSF’s Facebook page here.

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