University releases annual security and fire safety report

KNOXVILLE – Each year by Sept. 30 Johnson is required by federal law to release an Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report.

This report details all campus security policies and procedures as well as Clery disclosure information, including crime and fire statistics for the last three calendar years.

Dean of Students, Dave Legg, spoke on what the new report means for students and faculty who live on campus.

“This says what our campus does for crime control and how we maintain security and how you get help if you’re in an emergency situation,” he said.

Legg explained that the report also includes information from the handbook that is updated from the previous year.


The statistics covered in the report are broken down by general crimes, bias crimes, arrests on campus property, unfounded crimes, and disciplinary actions.

They show that theft is the most common crime reported by the University, but this does not cover things like food being stolen from refrigerators in the dorm.

“Not all crime is reported – these are the things that the federal government says are so important that every student, every employee, and every prospective student should know about them,” Legg said.

However, students can report such incidents to their Resident Director who will handle them with disciplinary action.

Security Supervisor Tim Huggins pointed out that all but one of the thefts reported in 2015 could have been prevented by not leaving the item(s) exposed.

Policies and procedures regarding security in the report are extensive and designed to maintain the high level of safety that seems to characterize the lack of incidents reported in the last three years.

Even some of the more alarming statistics have simple explanations, such as one 2015 domestic violence report that was actually an incident between two people who were visiting the campus.

Anyone interested in crime and fire statistics at Johnson can visit the reception desk in the PW and ask to see the public crime and fire log. This log includes incidents beyond what is listed in the statistics of the annual report.

“You’d also find the things where somebody walked away with an iPhone for instance which don’t show up in this report,” Legg said.

img_0377Legg noted that specifics of on-campus safety procedures during an event such as a shooting have not been published by Johnson because the federal government advises against making public all emergency plans.

However, students may notice multi-colored posters around campus detailing emergency procedures.

Legg suggests that students and faculty take time to look over the poster periodically to stay informed in the event of an emergency.

Read the full safety report here.

Students are also encouraged to sign up for the Nixle Community Information Service by texting JUTN to 888777 or by going to their website.

Through this service students receive messages by mobile phone notifying them of campus emergency situations or to test the system. Standard messaging rates apply.

Written story: Regan McSherry

Statistical graphics: Abbey Whitaker

Video news report: Chastedy Johnson

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