Creative Arts Council to present in Festival of Christmas Joy

KNOXVILLE- This year the Creative Arts Council is putting a new spin on the annual Festival of Christmas Joy on December 3rd.

The council has partnered with the School of Communication and Creative Arts to perform theatrical scenes between the normal musical performances.

Tammie Weatherly, sponsor to the Creative Arts Council, spoke about the production and the role the Council will play in it.

“The show itself this year has four short scenes as part of the show where the music is interspersed into these 7-8 minute long scenes,” Weatherly said.”The music department is involved as well as the arts department, particularly the drama part of the arts.”

Weatherly shared that the play was written by the Skit Guys. However, for the sake of time the show will only include four out of six scenes of the play.

The setting of the play is a group of people auditioning for a live nativity at their church. Each person auditioning talks with the director, yet the audience is unable to see the director.

Weatherly did not reveal the outcome but commented that the play is, “very effective [and] very powerful.”

Weatherly and Nicole Brunsman, student director and member of the Creative Arts Council, auditioned twelve students for the four parts and together they decided on who received the roles for the show.

“[Brunsman] will have most of the responsibility for the rehearsals as we go through this process.” Weatherly said.”This is for the most part the first time we have ever done something like this.”

Apart from the Christmas Show this year, the Creative Arts Council has many other artistic outlets for students to be a part of. These include Accent, a student-run literary magazine, the lip sync contest taking place during the Orange and Black Affair, and visual art displayed in Coffee House.

One way for students to get involved with theater this semester is through the drama chapel group led by Weatherly and Meghan Nelson.

Weatherly explained that the chapel encourages students who may not have any prior experience by,  “working on skills and discussing acting rather than just rehearsing and learning as you go.”

Students interested in being a part of the spring production, “Fools” by Neil Simon, are welcome to auditions on December 6-7. The spring production will run from April 6-9.

Students are encouraged to listen for chapel announcements as the dates approach for specific times and locations or email Brunsman at

Students who are interested in writing for the literary magazine can email Brooke Boling at or Regan McSherry at

Students who are interested in submitting artwork for coffee shop can email Emma Downer at

Students interested in joining the theater chapel group can email Meghan Nelson and

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