Johnson University’s 2016/2017 offering recipient is the Mirembe Cottage of Street girls in Uganda. The funds raised will go towards meeting the financial need to provide for the construction of a new home and school for the girls.

Every year, Harvesters connects Johnson with a missionary that is doing kingdom work throughout the world.

This year’s recipient, Mirembe Cottage of Street girls, is a part of Sonrise Ministries in Uganda.

Mirembe Cottage was founded in 2011 by Daniel Mugoda Awali. Currently Mirembe Cottage cares for 25 girls ages 6 to 16 and is in need of a larger home and a new school.

There is an urgent need to extend the home to take more girls off the streets of Uganda.The initial 3 room house can no longer fit the needs of the increasing number of girls at Mirembe Cottage.The girls have been in constant prayer for the construction of their new home. The new school is also essential to provide an education at a reasonable distance from the home.

The Purpose of Mirembe Cottage is to provide a safe, caring, loving and nurturing environment where the girls can develop spiritually, physically, socially, educationally, and emotionally.

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Director of Mirembe, Daniel Mugoda Awali, was once an orphan until he was saved by the Good Shepherd’s Fold home in Jinja, Uganda. As an adult Daniel reached out to several of the girls living on the streets and listened to their stories.

“I could feel the Lord tugging on my heart to rescue these girls and stop their suffering on the streets, to provide them a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, a place they could call home,” he said.

Many of the girls at Mirembe share stories of neglect, abuse, broken families, and a forced life of begging on the streets in Uganda.

At Mirembe the girls have the opportunity to grow into young women that become to know and experience the love of God. Under the care of Daniel and other caregivers, the girls receive love, food, education, and a safe place to call home.


The girls in their sewing class.

To ensure that the girls are being raised in a safe and healthy environment, there are many physical and spiritual needs that must be met.

This year students and faculty at Johnson will help contribute to their needs through prayers and offerings.

Every week there will be an opportunity to give in chapel. There will also be several fundraisers throughout the year.

All proceeds will go towards meeting the needs of Mirembe Cottage of Street girls.

To read some of the stories of the girls at Mirembe Cottage visit their website at

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