KNOXVILLE – The annual Orange and Black Affair, hosted by SGA, was held at 7 p.m. yesterday in the Gally Commons.

Students dressed in costumes, enjoyed Halloween-inspired snacks, and played many competitive games.

Guests had the opportunity to take pictures with the orange and black frame, play a giant game of Jenga, play rounds of corn hole, and participate in many other games and competitions throughout the night.

The competitions of the night included: wrap the mummy, vampire kiss, bobbing for apples,string donuts, a lip sync battle,best costumes and face the cookie. Below are the results for the costume contest.

Best couple: Trevor Smith and Claire Williams


Best Group: Winnie the Pooh(Jordan Taylor, Kate Holtrey,Bridget Cooper, and Mallory Galloway)


Best Overall: Bob’s Burgers (Zachary Marin, Emmaleigh Cox, and Bekah Sidwell)p1190837

Most Creative: Cat Dog (Lauren Mallory and Amanda Eddy)


View more of the pictures from the night below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos: Chastedy Johnson and Karysa Parrott

Posted by Chastedy Johnson

Chastedy Johnson is a journalism student at Johnson University. She has some experience in linear, non-linear, and live video editing. She is from Memphis,TN. She has always found journalism to be an interesting field and hopes to have a positive impact on the media industry. She is currently the senior editor of the Royal Scribe. contact information:

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