Trump dominates Royal Scribe poll results

By Regan McSherry, Chastedy Johnson and Abbey Whitaker

KNOXVILLE — In a Royal Scribe political poll GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump beat out his rivals by huge margins.

Trump garnered 54 percent of the registered likely vote, followed by 17.2 percent support for other unnamed candidates, 14.9 percent for Gary Johnson, 12.6 percent for Hillary Clinton, and 1.1 percent for Jill Stein.

Of the students polled, 66.6 percent said they planned to vote in opposition of another candidate, while 42.5 percent said their vote was in support of a candidate.

Amongst students who said they were likely to vote, for Trump, 63.8 percent said they were voting in opposition of another candidate. Less than half, 46.8 percent, said that they were voting in support of Trump with a few respondents reporting that they were voting in support of Trump as well as in opposition of another candidate.

More Clinton supporters reported planning to vote for the candidate as an act of support, 63.6 percent, as opposed to a vote of opposition, 45.5 percent.

Totals were higher than 100 percent due to some respondents selecting their vote as both in opposition and support.

Not surprisingly, 80 percent of likely Gary Johnson voters plan a vote of opposition to another candidate.

One prospective voter said they are planning to vote for Jill Stein, also as an opposition vote.

Of those surveyed, 52.6 percent reported being registered a Republican, 6.5 percent a Democrat, 11.5 percent an Independent, and 27.7 percent responded none.

These results do not match the national average. According to a Jan. 11, 2016 Gallup national survey, 26 percent identify as Republican, 29 percent as Democrat, and 42 percent as Independent.

Of respondents, 64.5 percent said they were likely to vote, while 35.5 percent said they were not likely to vote.

According to PEW Research, 53.6 percent of the population voted in the 2012 presidential election.

Of registered likely voters who responded to the Royal Scribe survey, 53.5 percent were male and 46.5 percent were female.

Of likely Trump voters, 59.6 percent were male and 40.4 percent were female. Of likely Clinton voters, 45.5 percent were male and 54.5 percent were female. Of likely Johnson voters, 46.2 percent were male and 53.8 percent were female. Stein’s supporters were female.

The Royal Scribe poll was conducted Oct. 26-28, prior to the recently resumed FBI investigation into Clinton-related e-mail activity.

According to Johnson University, there are 707 on-ground, undergraduate students at the Tennessee campus. One-hundred and thirty-eight students participated in the survey.

Due to the small sample size and population, this survey has a margin of error of plus or minus eight, with a confidence level of 95 percent.

Survey participants were asked the following questions:

  • Are you a registered voter?
  • Are you likely to vote?
  • Which candidate are you likely to vote for?
  • Is your likely choice in support of one candidate or in opposition of another candidate?
  • Basic demographic information

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  1. Good job and very interesting, Royal Scribes!

    My educated guess is that the other unnamed candidate for which most of that segment are voting is Evan McMullin. I am a McMullin supporter myself, though not a student, and I have noted significant support for him among our student body.

    In the longer term this election is sure to shake the assumption that orthodox Christians in America will always vote for the Republican nominee. That shaking is good for the church and for the body politic, I think, even if this election is the most troubling in anyone’s memory.

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