Harvesters raises soup-port for Mirembe Cottage

KNOXVILLE — Tonight Harvesters brought warmth to students, faculty, and staff of Johnson with homemade soups to raise donations for this year’s offering recipient.

Soups were submitted for attendees to pay to taste and vote on, along with hot cider and artisan bread.

p1220654Admission to the event was $3 to try three soups and for one vote towards a favorite. Attendees could also pay an extra $2 for another bowl of soup and $2 to buy more votes.

All of the money raised during the event will be given to Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls.

Macy Dyer, Special Events Coordinator, explained why they chose a soup cook-off for their Fall fundraiser.

“We knew that it would be kinda cool outside and we thought it would be a great way to get everyone together – everybody likes soup.”

Two soups, made by students Sarah Burns and Jordan Randall, were so popular they ran out early in the night.

“Jordan’s loaded potato soup had my vote, it was really good,” Katie Eikenberry, Harvesters Vice President, said.p1220660

Eikenberry explained how events like this are always a team effort for Harvesters.

“Obviously Macy was the head person for this event but everyone pulled their weight filling out forms, sending out media requests, getting it out on our social media, and just helping out with the smaller things,” she said. “So everyone played a large role in it – Macy does a fantastic job delegating.”

Eikenberry spoke on the importance of events like this one to raise support outside of baskets in chapel.

“I’m hoping that tonight we can make a good amount of money so they can continue building the school that they’re working on,” she said. “I know that that would be such a blessing to them.”

“It’s very important to support missionaries and mission organizations because without money they can’t function,” Dyer said.

Fifteen homemade soups were submitted for the event and it was attended by around two hundred students, faculty, and staff.

The final donation count will be announced in Tuesday’s Chapel along with the winning soup.

Harvesters will be holding a Chick-fil-A biscuit fundraiser later this semester, from which all proceeds will also go towards Mirembe Cottage.


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