Lexington — This weekend students from Johnson University Tennessee and Florida attended the International Conference On Missions in Lexington,Ky. This year’s theme was “Mobilize: Disciples Making Disciples”


Each year, participants from all over the world join together at ICOM to engage in the world of missions and learn what it means to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

The conference was based around the idea that the church should become disciples that mobilize and produce more disciples. ICOM challenges the church to engage in missions and assists in training, equipping, and mobilizing disciples through the power of the Gospel.

Along with JU students, many members of the faculty and staff traveled to ICOM.

“I’ve traveled to 48 different countries,” JU President Gary  Weedman said. “I’ve been to many of the countries represented here and I enjoy getting  to see people I’ve met abroad.”

Main session speakers included: Mike and Karolyn Schrage, Andrew Jit, Oscar Muriu, Frank Preston,Kyle Idleman and Lee Bridges.

Testimony speakers included: Yvette Mujawayuhi,Traci Harrod, Dennis Okoth, Duane Jenks,Timothy P, Yassir E and Scott Young. There were also skit performances by Chad Brown.

“It was super cool,” JUFL student, Lexie Goodman said. “I got to go out to eat with missionaries and we talked about long term in the field.

“I got a better insight of what my future could be,” she said.

Each day consisted of a morning session, worship, a time of offering, three workshops throughout the day,and concluded with an evening session.

While some students were attending ICOM for the first time, others attend ICOM every year.

“I keep coming back because it is my way of getting connected to the different mission groups here and seeing my old friends,” said JUTN student Ashley Curtis.

JUFL Student Body President, Seth McManus also attended ICOM and mentioned the unity between the two Johnson campuses present at ICOM.

“I love ICOM — We send more people each year and just seeing how they respond is great,” he said. “I got to meet with Kaleb Mullins (JUTN Student Body President) and just seeing the unity of the two campuses is super cool—  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

All of the 2016 testimonies and sessions can be viewed on the ICOM 2016 Livestream. Next year’s theme is “Together” and ICOM will be held in Peoria, IL Nov. 16-19 2017.

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Posted by Chastedy Johnson

Chastedy Johnson is a journalism student at Johnson University. She has some experience in linear, non-linear, and live video editing. She is from Memphis,TN. She has always found journalism to be an interesting field and hopes to have a positive impact on the media industry. She is currently the senior editor of the Royal Scribe. contact information: chastedy.johnson@johnsonu.edu

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