Student finds new beginning at Johnson

KNOXVILLE — For many incoming Freshman, college seems like an opportunity  to gain freedom and a chance to figure out who they want to become. For Ed Kalu, college was a chance to start over.

Kalu, a transfer from Milligan College, experienced hardships transitioning into their culture as a student-athlete. When he decided to transfer his main priority was finding a place that felt like home.

“Being a student athlete at Milligan, it was a big transition getting adjusted to the school life and basketball,” he said.

Ed Kalu, eager to grow while Johnson, transitions into being a student-athlete.

Kalu felt the difference between the two schools was the helpful environment at Johnson.

“The first thing that stood out to me when I visited Johnson was the people. He said “All of the teachers and staff was nice and helpful for me.”

As a student-athlete moving into a new situation can be a challenge. For Kalu, what he called the open communication and positive culture at Johnson has helped his transition seamlessly.

“At my other school, it did not feel like a family atmosphere,” he said. “At Johnson, I feel like I can talk to people about anything.”

As the second semester begins, Kalu hopes to continue to grow on and off the court.

“I want to continue to find out what type of player and person I will grow into,” he said. “This had been a good year understanding how to do things here.”


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