New resource provided for 1st Gen. students

Being the first person in a family to attend college can be difficult for a student. First Generation is designed to give first-generation students a place to connect and belong.

First Gen. is hosting a coffee bar from 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday  in the Gally Commons Private Dining Room No. 1.

The event is touted as a guilt workshop designed to help students deal with emotion surrounding leaving home, and other issues associated with being a first-time college student.

Kelly Estes, the head of 1st Gen., said that a Guilt Workshop is designed for students that feel different types of guilt.

“Some students [who aren’t first generation college students] come to college and still don’t know what’s going on,” she said.

Estes said she feels that it’s important to help those who need help and wants to help everyone who need it.

She said that many first generation college students feel guilt about leaving home, or feel pressured to stay home. This workshop is here to help students sort through and deal with that guilt and other feelings like it.

Estes herself was a first generation college student and knows that it can be difficult to be the first of the family to leave home. She wants to let 1st Gen. students know that they don’t have to feel guilty about leaving.

Other professors on campus are also first generation students themselves.

Estes said that she wants to take this fact and show students that they can do anything.

First Gen. workshops are open to anyone, even if they are not first-generation college students.

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