KNOXVILLE — Johnson Student Luciano Nascimento is teaching Brazilian soccer on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4:30-5:45 the old gym this semester.

The lessons are open to second through fifth grade kids.


Nascimento playing against the kids

Nascimento, a native of Brazil, started a soccer academy in India, where he worked as a missionary teaching kids for five years.

Of the kids he taught, 10 of them went on to be professional soccer players.

“I don’t want to do any[thing] professional here, it is just for fun,” Nascimento said.

Nascimento will be teaching the kids the skills of futsal.

Futsal is a Brazilian game that was developed from soccer but is played mainly indoors. The ball used is smaller and harder. It requires more skill to learn, so when players transition to an outdoor field it is much easier.


Teaching the kids how to properly bounce the ball on their heads.

“The best soccer players in the world, they all start with futsal,” Nascimento said.

Along with the game of futsal, Nascimento hopes to teach the kids spiritually by praying with them, sharing Bible stories, and setting an example of how to behave at home and school.

No previous soccer experience is needed to join the free program.

If you have any questions contact Nascimento at

Posted by Ariel Porter

Ariel is a Senior at Johnson University, studying Media Communications. She is the current Video Editor for the Royal Scribe Staff.

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