JUTN defeats Crown College in Men’s Basketball

KNOXVILLE — The Royals Men’s Basketball team beat the Crown Crusaders in a home game last night.

Junior Kenny White made the Royals’ first score in the team’s ninth win this season.

Brett Camp led the team in scoring 16 points with a final score of 101-69.

The Royals stayed far ahead of their competitors for the entire game.

Seniors Jordon McLendon and Gunner St. John joined White in celebrating their 1000th point recently.

St. John, who scored his 1000th point against Trinity Baptist, described what this accomplishment means to him.

“Jordon and I have been part of the basketball program here for four years now,” he said. “We have made it through tough times and now we are starting to see the fruit of our work and commitment to the team.”

St. John said the team is hopeful they will place better in the national tournament this year but he will be sorry to leave after graduation.

“The support that my team gave me after I scored a thousand just reminded me of how much a family we are and how much I love playing with them,” St. John said.

McLendon, who scored his 1000th point in the Royals’ game against the JUFL Suns, said that he looks forward to helping the team continue to reach its full potential.

The Royals will be facing Bryan College in a home game this Tuesday.

To watch a recording of the game visit here.

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