KNOXVILLE — The Johnson University Creative Arts Council is pushing for a wider representation of different arts and more events in the future.

The Creative Arts Council is the force behind several events that happen on campus, including the Coffee House and dramas, as well as last semester an art show and a lip sync battle.

The groups goal twofold. First they seek to provide an outlet for those with artistic talent on campus. Second, they want to expose the campus community to the arts.

The Arts Councils latest push is for a literary magazine with content submitted by students and printed.

“I think its really important to get the literary magazine going, and the biggest thing foreseeable is helping that grow and helping people become aware of it,” Nicole Brunsman, a member of the Arts Council, said. “It was one of our first dreams other than starting the Arts Council.”

Tammie Weatherly, the sponsor for the Arts Council, agreed and cited trouble getting submissions and a lack of knowledge of its existence as reasons it has not taken off.

“We just need to get momentum going,” she said.

The pair said there are some unknowns in moving forward with the Arts Council.

Because Weatherly and Brunsman are busy with the upcoming spring drama, they don’t have time to plan and facilitate other events at the same time.

Because of this, they hope to bring in some new leadership that can attend to arts outside of the theater, as well as bring in new ideas.

“Part of the problem is we are stuck for ideas right now,” Weatherly said.“I’d love to see us bring in outside artists, musical or other, and have an artist series or a lecture series.”

She said that she would love to see singers or artists be brought in twice a semester, but the lack of venue and funding are roadblocks to currently doing this.

For this semester their plans are to stage the production Fools, to promote the literary magazine and to put on an art show within coffee house like last semester.

Any student interested in submitting writing for the literary magazine can email Brooke Boling at or Regan McSherry at

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