Trio plans trip to Uganda

KNOXVILLE — Three Johnson students will be traveling to Uganda for Week of Evengelism this semester.

Hannah Baker, Emily Beamon and Chastedy Johnson will travel to Jinja, Uganda from March 18-25.

They will be visiting Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls. This is the organization that JUTN has selected as their chapel offering recipient.

Baker, a sophomore in the Intercultural Studies program, is leading the trip.

This will be Baker’s second time going to Uganda. Beamon, a children’s ministry major, and Johnson, a journalism major, have never been to Uganda and this will be their first mission trip.

Baker is excited for non-ICS students to join her, saying that they bring very different perspectives and gifts to the mission field.

“I hope that they [Johnson and Beamon] get to see the brokenness that lies in this part of the world and have a new perspective on life,” Baker said. “The bubble we live in isn’t how it is everywhere.”

During their trip they will be getting to know the girls from Mirembe cottage.

The students will also be visiting land where Mirembe is building a new school. They hope to assist in the construction by laying bricks for the structure.

The girls will also help with a VBS in the village. The trio plan to travel to a village called Masese where most of the girls that are rescued by Mirembe used to live.

“There is a really bad cycle there where the men just want to drink and have sex and the men expect the women to provide that for them,” Baker said. “So no one is making income and no one is providing for the kids or anything so it leaves a lot of street kids and abused kids to make them go and get money for their families.”

Baker said they hope to assist Sole Hope, an organization that that removes and helps to prevent jiggers.

The trip will cost $2,000. Baker said that although financial support is helpful, they want to stress the importance of connecting with Mirembe cottage for girls and continuing to pray for the work being done there.

Hannah Baker is pictured with girls from Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls.

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