Budgeting workshop hosted for students

KNOXVILLE — Johnson University is holding a financial workshop that is focusing on budgeting, which is designed to help students to budget on their own.

This workshop is being hosted by Kelly Estes and the First Generation group.

The event will be from 5 to 6 p.m. Tuesday in Gally Commons Private Dining Room No. 1.

If students cannot make it to this meeting, but think it will be helpful ,there will be other financial workshops in the future.

During the work shop Financial Aid workers will be there to help students with their financial needs, focusing mostly on budgeting. Student can have dinner while getting help from staff and upperclassman mentors.

“It’s a huge need,” Estes said.

She said students are often used to living and relying on their parents for many of their needs, and while they aren’t necessarily paying many bills while living on campus, they still need to know how to budget.

She said that wise spending habits are good habits to have no matter what your situation.

Estes estimates that there are around 147 first generation students on the JUTN campus this semester.

Many of these students and their families are unaware of all the options dealing with scholarships.

Estes said that many scholarships offered on and off campus go wasted each year because no one applies for them.

She said that every scholarship, no matter how small, should be applied for because, even if it doesn’t put a significant dent in how much a person owes, that’s still money that they don’t have to pay.

Estes said that these workshops are here “to even the playing field.”

All of the First Gen. workshops are designed to help students understand and navigate the complex world of college.

Estes said that first generation college students are often at a “disadvantage”, their families don’t usually know what college life will be like or all of the money and work that goes into it.

Estes said that it’s important to make sure that these students know that they can receive help and that they know they’re not alone.

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