JU sophomore class president focuses on prayer, unity

KNOXVILLE — In the world of Sophomore Class President, Ashton Lowery, things can get overwhelming at times.

Between balancing her schoolwork, her social life and everything in between, Lowery still finds time to pursue her class presidential tasks.

She is especially fired up about what this semester will bring in terms of Student Government Association events.

Lowery has personal goals as class president that she hopes to achieve within the next few weeks.

“My No. 1 goal is to strengthen our acts of prayer as a student body,” Lowery said. “Prayer is the platform to which I want to base this semester off of.”

Her plan of action is to have the sophomore members of SGA reflect to their classmates what it will look like if prayer is the center.

“As leaders, we see that our country is divided,” she said. “If we are the hands of the student body, why aren’t we reaching? Why aren’t we being prayerful? If we leave this year and haven’t strengthened our prayer, then what have we done?”

So far, Lowery has enjoyed being class president and taking a stand in the issues she is passionate about.

“Me as a person, I always am looking for something to get heated over,” she said. “It’s my job to back up what the student body wants. I don’t like when issues get swept under the rug.”

Lowery has several ideas she feels will improve student-life at Johnson.

One of these goals is getting more left-handed desks in the classroom.

She said students who are left-handed need the comfort and access to use desks just like other students with dominate right hands.

“It’s a continuing process,” she said. “I start by finding a left-handed desk that is in poor condition, I put a maintenance report on it, and they send out an order for more of those desks.”

Lowery is also working alongside sophomore Lydia Barker to get more electrical sockets in the chapel practice room for those students who need them. That is just one other small goal that Lowery hopes to accomplish before the end of the semester.

“I am also actively working on reaching out to the students who are interested and passionate about SGA, but aren’t sure how to get involved,” she said. “I will be attending a meeting next week with the student body president, along with the other class presidents, to address this issue and a few more along those lines.”

Working on issues related to student life is not the only thing Lowery is doing during her time as president. She has also organized several student events.

“There will also be an end-of-the-year bonfire for the sophomore class, like there was last year,” she said. “There is a trivia game night coming up that is almost all of the way planned.”

Lowery said the details for the trivia game night, which is planned by SGA, will be posted in a few weeks.

“[The trivia game night is] very strategically planned. It reaches different groups of people to involve everyone,” she said.

Lowery hopes that through these events, she can promote unity within the student body, and she also hopes that she can continue to use prayer as a platform for these events.

Just like Lowery, the SGA has a common goal in mind that they work toward every day, and that is to have more events going on throughout the year that keep the student body entertained and constantly building community.

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