International professor spends semester at JUTN

KNOXVILLE — Chinese Professor Miss Tao is visiting JUTN’s campus this semester as a part of the visiting program between the Chinese Anhui Normal University and Johnson University.

Tao is the second professor to come to Johnson through this program and will be working with the faculty and staff in the Templar School of Education.

Tao said that the whole campus has been friendly and welcoming.

“I have been here since January 15th, and I will be here for three more months, so far I have found a fulfilling life here at Johnson,” Tao said.

Tao said that she teaches classes over photo shop and 3-D photography.

“Teaching in America is a very different from in China. In America, there is more of a focus on teacher and student relationships,” Tao said. “Teacher’s give opportunity to explore their independent learning and critical thinking.”

Under the Corporation Project, Chinese students come to study technology at JU and bring their knowledge back to China.

“The Corporation Project is a very good communication platform for both Johnson and Chinese students,” Tao said.”[This] project has been very beneficial for the Chinese students here at Johnson.”

Director of International Relations, Duan Hua, said at this point there are four students currently in this program.

“It started back in 2012 when it was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education,” Hua said.”In October of 2013 Johnson started to have students come to America for the program.”

Tao will be returning to the Anhui Normal University in April.


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