KNOXVILLE — The Future of Hope Institute had their 5th plenary meeting Jan. 21 at First Baptist Church. During this meeting, six different teams presented their vision projects that they have been planning since September.

Each team had the opportunity to present their vision projects to a panel of Knoxville community leaders. The six vision projects presented included the following concepts:

  • Soccer outreach program for refugee and immigrant families
  • Re-entry program for juvenile offenders
  • Youth summit for East Knoxville students focused on economic development
  • Mental health awareness campaign and peer training in high schools
  • Mentorship through the arts and music
  • Single parent resource fair

The refugee and immigrant sports outreach team has a vision plan to build connections between young immigrants and refugees and youth from Knoxville. This team plans to implement soccer as a way to bridge the gap and develop relationships in their community.


Pictured is a member of the refugee and immigrant sports outreach team presenting their vision project.

The juvenile justice advocacy team is seeking to provide a community and resources for youths that have gone through the Bean Juvenile Detention Center.

The east Knoxville community development team has a vision to address issues in the community such as gang violence, dying businesses, lack of job opportunities, lack of public citizenship and the lack of unity in the community.

The mental health care and awareness team desire to address mental health among Knoxville’s youth. This team hopes to address mental issues related to suicide, depression, and self-esteem.

The arts mentorship team has a vision to combine their passions for music and community. This team seeks to use the power of music to influence culture in a positive way.

The single parenthood support team has a vision to provide resources for single parents and their households. Some resources include helping single parents through job opportunities, mental health services and after school programs.


The panel and audience listen to the vision project presentations.

The Future of Hope Institute will have their recognition banquet April 6.

At the banquet, the selected groups will present their finished projects to an assembly of peers and community leaders.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded with a $2,000 scholarship to any college of their choice. Participants that choose to attend Johnson University will receive an additional $1,000.

For more information on the Future of Hope Institute, email or visit the Urban Alliance website here.

Posted by Chastedy Johnson

Chastedy Johnson is a journalism student at Johnson University. She has some experience in linear, non-linear, and live video editing. She is from Memphis,TN. She has always found journalism to be an interesting field and hopes to have a positive impact on the media industry. She is currently the senior editor of the Royal Scribe. contact information:

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