Princeton keeps missional mindset even while off field

Paulette Princeton spends her days looking at blueprints, measuring yards, answering phones and teaching French.  For Princeton, an odd combination of skills and interests have led her to a very missional job at Johnson University.

Her job at Plants Services includes many different responsibilities. She helps keep and distribute the documents required for renovations like electrical and plumbing information. These jobs may not seem missional in nature, but for Princeton everything she does is a chance to serve God.

“I love helping people,” Princeton said. “I love when I solve a problem. I love serving.”

In addition to Plant Services, Princeton also teaches French at JUTN.

As a teacher, Princeton wants her students to be involved in learning new ways they can help others as well.

“When I teach, I want to inspire my students to become better servants, and to better serve others and God,” she said.

The passion Princeton holds for serving God and others is rooted in her past.

She was born on the Island nation of Haiti before her family fled the country from the Duvalier dictatorship in the 1960s. They immigrated to New York.

“I have a large family,” she said. “I am the youngest of nine, and I’m spoiled rotten,” she said with a smile.

After growing up in New York City Prince went to City College in New York City to study architecture.

Princeton met her husband Jerome Princeton at a Church Wednesday night small group. After getting married they decided to go to Haiti together as missionaries.

Jerome and Paulette Princeton worked for 15 years in Haiti as a missionaries.

Jerome Princeton, founded a school called Christian Ville College. Paulette Princeton was an administrator, teacher, and architect at the school.

Jerome Princeton was offered a job at Johnson University and in the summer of 2005 Paulette Princeton moved to Knoxville with her husband and three daughters.

The Princetons’ youngest daughter is studying Music and Linguistics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Their middle child also went to UT, and is a graduate working as a civil engineer. Princeton is quite excited for her eldest daughter, because she is getting married in the fall.

In looking toward the future, Princeton said the only two things she can think about right now are her daughter’s wedding and her 30 year wedding anniversary that she and her husband will be celebrating this summer.

“Day to day we give it to the Lord,” she said. “Whatever the Lord opens up for us, we are open to whatever the Lord has in mind.”

In both work and life Paulette Princeton lives in joyful service to both the Lord and those around her.

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