No chirping heard from this cricket

KNOXVILLE—Abigail Smith played softball for 10 years, but little did she know that she would use the same skills developed then now in a new sport.

Before the beginning of the semester Smith had never played cricket before, but now she goes to play cricket every Friday in the old gym.

Smith said her friend Wyatt Whewell inspired her to play.

“Whenever he finds a new sport he gets obsessed, and he wants all his friends to play,” Smith said. “So we give it a try, but this one is actually really fun.”

Smith said people who have never played cricket always compare it to baseball.

“People like to say that it’s kind of like baseball because there is a batter and a pitcher,”she said. “But there are two batters, and they are each standing at opposite wickets.”

She said there are”two bowlers standing at opposite sides, and they are like the pitcher.”

The bowlers are trying to hit the wicket while the batter is trying to defend it.

Recently Smith and seven other people played multiple games of cricket at which Smith spent the majority of that night fielding.

That means Smith’s job was to catch the ball and try to get the other players out.She said her favorite part of playing is when she gets to bat.

“It’s really fun,” she said. “I like it because I’ve had a lot of practice with softball, and the bat in cricket is twice as wide as the one in softball—So, it’s a lot easier to hit in cricket.”

In the last games she played there were two overtimes and her team won both times.

“I was so caught up in everything happening,” she said.“The two overtimes were so crazy, and were so fun.”

Smith encouraged everyone to try cricket.

“Give it a try,” she said.”None of us knew how to play at first, so don’t be embarrassed. It takes a while to learn the game, but once you do it’s really fun.”


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