Funk hopes to become full-time professor at JU

Brandi Funk is a professor at Johnson University who teaches principles of management in the School of Business and Public Leadership.

Funk is an adjunct professor and plans to teach full-time in the future.

“I love my job and I feel that God is calling me to pursue education,” Funk said.

Funk has an associate degree, which she earned from Hawkeye Community College. She also has a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Upper Iowa University.

Currently, Funk is an adjunct professor, but she knows that JU, as a four-year university, will want her to get a Ph.D. She plans to get a doctorate degree and is currently looking at various doctorate programs.

Funk has spent several years teaching in the business field. Her experience in teaching includes teaching business ethics and personal finance management for five years at Upper Iowa University.

Funk has also taught in Knoxville for two years at Pellissippi State Community College.

At Pellissippi, she taught under the Administrative Professional Technology program and taught Microsoft Office.

Before Funk thought of becoming a professor, she was raised in a small town of about 800 people in Necedah, Wisconsin. The town was so small it only had one traffic light. Growing up, Funk was not raised in a Christian home and she did not become a Christian until about 10 years ago.

“You either grow up in a Christian home where the Lord is your foundation or you have hard circumstances that bring you to your knees,” Funk said. “When you have nowhere to look but up you turn to Christ and that is kind of what happened to my husband and I.”

Funk and her husband have been married for 19 years and will celebrate their 20th anniversary in August. The Funks have a daughter, Taylor, 14.

Funk enjoys spending time with family, watching movies and going to the mall with her daughter.

One of Funk’s favorite movies is Outsiders, because the movie is based on the first book that she read cover to cover.

Funk has a busy schedule and does not participate in many activities outside of work, family and church but does enjoy listening to Christian rap music.

She does not listen to secular music very much anymore since she became a Christian.

Becoming a Christian led Funk to search for employment opportunities at Christian colleges or universities. Fortunately, Funk found JU where she now teaches.

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