JUTN student raves about Switchfoot

Ali Pierce, her husband and friends decided to forgo the traditional Valentine’s night out, and instead went to a concert.

Pierce, her husband Caleb Pierce, and friends, Caleb Buck and Fallon Buck went to see Switchfoot at the Mill and Mine to spend Valentine’s Day together.

Reliant K opened for Switchfoot at 7:30 p.m. that night with the attendance line being so long that it was wrapped all around the building.

The Mill and Mine was a packed house with people squeezing to get by each other.

“It was a cool venue,” Ali Pierce said. “I had never been to that place before. There was no seating, I stood the entire time.”

There were several Johnson students in attendance and people from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs.

“I love that Switchfoot can draw in a crowd full of different people — Christian, non-believers,” she said. “And how they all can come together and the gospel is being spread in a way that is different than you’re used to.”

Ali Pierce said she loves Switchfoot, so when her friend Fallon Buck texted her to tell her about the upcoming concert, her response was an immediate yes.

During their concert, Switchfoot played a variety of music from old and new albums.

“I think my favorite album is Fading West,” she said. “I love that album, so when they played songs from there, I got excited.

She said Dare You to Move is her favorite song from 2008.

When Pierce first got saved, Dare You to Move was one of the only Christian songs she knew at the time and it reminded her that when she was at her lows that God was beckoning her to Himself.

Switchfoot is one of Pierce’s favorite artists.

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