KNOXVILLE — Ben Lutz Jr., director of plant services, is a part of a Johnson lineage, going back to his father who began working at JUTN in 1974.

Ben Lutz Sr. was a student of JUTN. In 1973, he was made the first Director of Plant Services. From the age of 8, Ben Lutz Jr. was raised on Johnson’s campus.

In 1985, two decades after his father graduated from Johnson, Ben Lutz Jr. graduated from Johnson.

He and his wife, Carla Lutz, moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for nine years before moving back to the Johnson campus in 1994.

Ben Lutz Jr. accepted the position of director of plant services, the same position his father held before him.

Ben Lutz Jr. said that he came back to Johnson after so many years because of the passion for the gospel that Johnson exemplifies.

“Johnson has always done a good job with that and so to be part of that has always been a passion of mine,” he said. “Even when we were gone for nine years.

“I always wanted to come back here and work,” he added.

Ben Lutz Sr. retired in 2007. He died in the fall of 2016.

As for Ben Lutz Jr.’s plans, he sees himself remaining at Johnson for the foreseeable future.

“People have asked me if I plan to retire from here – I am 51, and my answer is I don’t know,” he said. “I love being here, but I also want to be in tune with the Lords spirit, and go where he calls me.

“I look at it as an adventure, life is an adventure,” he added.

Ben Lutz Jr. also wants the campus to know that he and Plant Services are here to serve the community.

“We want people to know we’re here, we’re tucked in at the backside of campus, if anybody ever has questions we want them to call and we will see what we can do,” he said. “We are always here to help.”

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