KNOXVILLE — Students, faculty and staff in teacher education gathered last month for an evening of games and friendly competition.

Karysa Parrott attended the Bingo and Trivia Night, which was hosted by the Templar School of Education.

“We were sat with some other freshman girls. It was packed, mostly with teacher ed. students, and there was only one guy.” Parrott said.

She said that some of the professors brought their children.

“One of the little kids would come and knock the bingo chips off our board and would say ‘Oh no!’ in that cute little kid voice, so you can’t be mad at her.” Parrott said.

She said the night was fun for everyone, no matter the shenanigans.

Every bingo game had two prize winners and every three of four bingo games they switched to a trivia game.

“For trivia you wrote your answer on a paper, and you had to rush it up to the person reading it out,” Parrott said.

Parrott said that everyone was very competitive with getting their paper to the reader first.

Karla Hunt, an administrative assistant in teacher education, read out the trivia questions the whole night.

“When she saw people running to her she took off running,” Parrott said. “One girl lost her shoe chasing her.”

Parrott said that everybody was so passionate about winning a prize, at one point two girls had cornered Hunt and made her give them the answer to a question.

“It didn’t matter if you were winning a little box of chocolates or a super awesome amazon gift cards,” Parrott said.

Parrott herself didn’t win any prize other than the ‘Magnificent Loser prize’.

“If you didn’t win anything you got a free scholastic book,” Parrott said. “I got the book that I was kinda wanting though,” referring to her copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

“I am the loser champion at bingo,” she said. “And I’m horrible at trivia. I knew I was setting myself up to fail, but it was a very fun night.”

She said she is looking forward to next year’s game night.

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