Junior class hosts Pi Day event

KNOXVILLE — The junior class is switching out the celebration of a mathematical constant for free treats in honor of Pi Day at a pie bake-off event on March 14.

Johnson student and Junior Class President, Drew Grimm, said that he hopes the event, open to all JUTN students, faculty, and staff, will bring the community together.

“We really wanted to [do] an event that would get non-traditional students as well as staff and faculty involved,” he said. “So this was a chance to do that because you can come and win prizes for a pie bake-off.”

Grimm said that fellow JU student, Amanda Welch, was the first to mention the idea of the event.

“[Welch’s] birthday is March 14th,” he said. “She was just like, ‘you know its always National Pi Day on that day and I never actually have pie on my birthday.'”

Grimm said that pie submissions are not limited to homemade creations.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the facilities we have on campus to bake are pretty limited,” he said. “We decided that if there’s a favorite pie that you buy all the time [you] can bring that and just make sure it gets put in [your] own dish or something so that way we don’t know if it is bought or not.”

Grimm said that there are three categories each pie will be judged in.

“We have best overall,” he said. “We have another that’s fan favorite so, when everyone comes in, each pie is going to be numbered and then you get to put in a slip of paper that has that number pie on it in a box at the end.”

Grimm said that only homemade pies are qualified to win in the third category.

“When they bring a pie they’ll tell us if its homemade and you can win in that as well because we did think it was a little unfair if you had someone bring in just a store bought pie and win everything with that,” he said.

One prize for winning in a category could include throwing a pie at a professor’s face.

“We already have Dr. Mead and I have a meeting later today with Dr. Weatherly to see if he will be involved,” Grimm said.

Other prizes include three $20 gift cards for Little Tokyo, a movie theater and The Stock and Barrel downtown restaurant.

Grimm said that his committee has been hard at work planning the Senior Banquet but had room in their budget to go all out on this event.

“We’re going to have plenty of pie [so] everyone is welcome,” he said. “We’re [also] going to have a bunch of video games, board games, stuff like that.”

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit a pie or simply come to the event for free pie and games.

“Pam Mattingly has already decided to make something, I’m really excited for hers,” Grimm said.

The event starts at 8 p.m. on March 14 in the coffee shop at the bottom of the Eubanks Activity Center.

Grimm said that individuals submitting a pie should get there early so the judges do not see who submitted which pie.

If you are interested in submitting a pie or have any questions contact Drew Grimm at Drew.Grimm@johnsonu.edu or Marley Jones at Marley.Jones@johnsonu.edu.

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