KNOXVILLE — Johnson University is ranked third on the 2017 Best Value Small Colleges for a Christian Studies Degree list and named the second Best Value Small College for a history degree.

Johnson offers a wide range of ministry based programs and stands as one of the best small Christian colleges for affordable education.

Dean of the School of Bible and Theology, Jon Weatherly, believes that this ranking is an honor for the university but still leaves room for improvement.

“Johnson has always had a commitment to affordability,” he said. “I think Ashley Johnson would be proud of our dedication to keep his mission of providing affordable education —we can do better.”

Alongside affordibility, Johnson’s students are offered a quality christian education in addition to their desired area of focus.

“We have faculty across the board that is dedicated to delivering the best education that they can,” Weatherly said. “Anyone that says they are going here is going to have a great experience for the money.”

Johnson’s history department was ranked No.2 just behind Berea College and recognized as being “one of the best small colleges for history majors who want to incorporate their Christian faith into their studies.”

Associate Professor of History, Jason Mead, said he believes the focus on church history and selection of history courses offered sets Johnson apart from other universities.

“We have tried to emphasize more of a global approach,” he said.” I think the courses that we are able to offer bring something different to the table and allows us to teach a broad range of courses in church history that you don’t get in a lot of places.”

On the Tennessee campus, Mead teaches courses including World Civilizations I and II, American History I and II, Historian Craft/Intro Historiography, American History 1877-1945 and America Since World War II.

His advice for history majors is to “continue to read, listen and think deeply through everything.”

Each qualifying school on the list is required to offer at least two majors for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in history and must also demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing affordable education.

Johnson ranked high among other colleges for affordable education with a net price of $15,458/yr.

To qualify for the list, each school had to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a 4-year public or private non-profit institution
  • Must have qualified bachelor’s programs
  • Must offer traditional academic programming
  • Must admit a maximum 60% of applicants each year.

In addition, they must each maintain an overall undergraduate graduation rate of at least 55% and meet net price requirements.

Schools were ranked based on academic breadth and depth, student support and affordability using the NCIS college navigator database.

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